SciDB-Py documentation


This documentation is for the legacy version of the SciDB-Py library. GitHub pull requests are still accepted for the previous versions, but the code is not actively maintained. The current version of the SciDB-Py library is 16.9.1. This version has been released in September 2017 and has been rewritten entirely from scratch. This version is not compatible with the previous versions of the library. The documentation for the current version is available at SciDB-Py documentation

SciDB-Py is a Python interface to the SciDB, the massively scalable array-oriented database. SciDB features include ACID transactions, parallel processing, distributed storage, efficient sparse array storage, and native parallel linear algebra operations.

The SciDB-Py package provides an intuitive NumPy-like interface to SciDB, so that users can leverage powerful distributed, data-parallel scientific computing from the comfort of their Python interpreter:

from scidbpy import connect
sdb = connect()              # connect to the database
x = sdb.random((1000, 1000)) # 2D array of random numbers
y = (x ** 2 + 3).sum()       # NumPy syntax, computed in the database

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